Announcing the new

Quick and dirty temporary site to have a place on the web

Announcing the new

Welcome to the new! After about 15 years or so being in the web & interactive industry, I finally thought to myself "shouldn't you have a website?". Well... yes Ryan you should! I gave myself a single goal, take 3 full days out of your week this week, only 3, and build a website within that timeframe. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to load fast, it just needs live and be completed within the timeframe. What you are seeing now is the result of those crazy 3 days.

Let's get this thing launched!

I'm currently writing this blog post in order to have something in the blog for launch. I could probably spend 2 hours writing up a single post, which would be my very first 'real' blog post, but I won't. First things first... get this site launched!

I'll be following up with an in depth article of how I built the site out 3 days flat including shortcuts I took, some of which I'm not proud of, technology, and issues I ran into.

Stay tuned... I'm just getting started!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave your comments below.

- Ryan B.

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